May 17, 2016

Automate access AbstractSpoon .tdl from VeraCrypt container

I wrote this small PowerShell script to quickly access some AbstractSpoon ToDoList documents which are stored in VeraCrypt containers. The selected container stays mounted until the ToDoList executable is closed. I use OneDrive to automatically upload the then dismounted container to the cloud.

This allowes me to securely access and transfer ToDoList documents between Windows devices without much effort. Of course you can pick a different cloud provider and/or program executable to suit your scenario.

Start-Process [pathname]\VeraCrypt-x64.exe -ArgumentList '/l [driveletter]','/v [pathname]\[container.hc]','/q','/m ts' -Wait
Start-Process [pathname]\[ToDoList.tdl] -Wait
Start-Process [pathname]\VeraCrypt-x64.exe -ArgumentList '/d [driveletter]'

What happens when you execute the script? VeraCrypt presents a pop-up, asking for the container password. VeraCrypt then mounts the container to a driveletter, after which the ToDoList program opens the specified document. When closing the ToDoList program, VeraCrypt opens one last time for you to check if the container is really dismounted.

Perhaps useful:
  • For the script to execute in PowerShell, set the ExecutionPolicy accordingly.
  • The .tdl file extension has to be associated: Enable .tdl as file extension for tasklists.
  • If you want to use multiple mounted containers: Allow multiple instances of ToDoList.
  • Use -windowstyle hidden to run the script without displaying the PowerShell console.
Used on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1; should work with Windows 7.